Research Interests

My primary work is in the area of Deep Learning applied to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning.

My main research interests in vision lie in:

  • image restoration tasks, such as super-resolution
  • tracking, alignment and pose estimation
  • key points localisation
  • (3D) scene understanding and reconstruction
  • cross-domain mapping
  • interplay between language and vision

My main research interests in NLP lie in:

  • neural machine translation (NMT)
  • multilingual NMT
  • robust NMT
  • embedding compression
  • sequence modeling

My main research interests in Deep RL lie in:

  • autonomous goal generation and intrinsic motivation
  • multitask learning and meta-learning
  • hierarchical reinforcement learning
  • interplay of RL with vision

In addition, I’m studying Graph Neural Networks.